May 29th, 2008

Message from ljvotes

No matter how titular the position will be or how ridiculous this election has been, ljvotes believes that the LiveJournal User-Representative Election is important, not only because the representative will be in company of some of the greatest movers and shakers of the Internet, but also because s/he will represent us. ljvotes believes it is important to appoint the best and most suitable representative, one who will argue for our needs and one who respects his/her fellow candidates and users.

Please consider exercising your right as a LiveJournal user and vote for a LiveJournal User-Representative.

The candidate are cambler, daniidebrabant, deathboy, fuzzface00, imc, jameth, jette, jj_maccrimmon, jmaynard, legomymalfoy, lizyd, lordandrei, lostcosmonaut, mrflagg, primitivepeople, qfemale, randomposting, rm, sollitaire, squeaky19, rebelsheart, twirlandswirl, and vichan.

Their original platforms are listed here; however, please check out the candidates' journal before voting as many candidates posted additional information and statements regarding their candidacy.

We were also honored to have daniidebrabant, jj_maccrimmon, rm, and sollitaire responded to ljvotes's 10 questions regarding LiveJournal and the LiveJournal User-Representative Election - and thank you to the candidates for indulging us:
So please read their platforms and choose your top three candidates. The election will end today @ 9:00 P.M. PST. To vote, go here. To edit your vote, go here.

Thank you and good luck to all the candidates!