LJ Votes (ljvotesbot) wrote in ljvotes,
LJ Votes

Statement from cambler

cambler sent the following statement in response to ljvotes's e-mail:
With the revelation that the voting is allowing sockpuppet accounts to cast valid votes, I no longer feel that any of this matters. Should LJ outline how they will prevent this abuse, I will gladly re-engage. Until then, and in the absence of any statement on behalf of LJ, my faith in this election is essentially lost.
ljvotes would like to note that LiveJournal is trying to keep multi-votes by the same user at the minimum by:
  1. Not allowing votes by users whose journal was created after March 11, 2008.
  2. Tracking votes by e-mail, i.e. users with multiple journals registered to one e-mail are only allowed one vote; users with their e-mail not validated are not allowed to vote.
And that should cambler changed his/her mind, s/he is welcome to e-mail ljvotes with his/her answers to our questions.

Notes: Please do not leave any disparaging remarks toward any candidates or endorsements for other candidates in the comments.
Tags: candidate: cambler, candidates answer ljvotes
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